Our competition obedience classes are different than a traditional 8-week obedience class. Our classes do not have a beginning and an end. We are on going. We strive to build a solid foundation for Novice thru Utility from your first class. By teaching aspects of all levels, you learn to set goals and train for a lifetime of success from Novice to Utility. Our most basic classes teach go-outs, pre-retrieve and retrieve work, jumping and of course, heeling.

If you are new to Papillonia, we will work together to find an appropriate level, although most students begin in our Beginner Competition or Novice class. Nothing baby about our lower level classes. It is a great place to learn about our way of training and teach your dog some of the basic behaviors we rely on for all future training. If you and your dog are ready, you will be moved to the appropriate level, without waiting for the end of a traditional 8-week class.

You can start any time because our classes are run continuously. Class price is $125 every 8-weeks.

Class Schedule

Beginner Competition

  • Tuesday, 7:00 pm with Keith


  • Tuesday, 2 pm with Jeannine
  • Tuesday, 6:30 pm with Jeannine


  • Thursday, 11:30 am with Jeannine

Wednesday Night, 6:30 – 9:00 pm is open training night. Come and use the building with as many dogs as you want for $10 per handler.

We do not accept aggressive dogs at all at this facility. We recommend you find a dog behaviorist if you are having either dog on dog aggression or dog on people aggression. We need our facility to be a safe place for all dogs to work.


The following list of classes are offered at PDTA, but are not run by PDTA. Please inquire with the contact listed below the class name.

DATE/TIME: Thursday evening at 6:30pm
CONTACT: Carol Dotts
Phone: 717-862-3443

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Our Handling Class is designed to teach you and your dog about the world of dog shows. You’ll learn how to prepare for a show – what to expect in the ring, etiquette, how to stack and move your dog, how (and when) to look at the judge, show culture, etc. Join us and make you and your dog’s show career a fun experience. Walk-ins Welcome!

All dogs and puppies with up to date vaccinations are welcome.

Dogs must be people- and dog-friendly


CONTACT: Deb Sangrey

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Join us to learn more about the canine sport of musical freestyle. Freestyle is the sport that allows you and your dog to develop a routine to music that showcases the team’s strengths and skill preferences. Information will be provided on the World Canine Freestyle Organization.

This class will provide instruction on relationship games and basic freestyle moves. It will provide instruction for beginners to more advanced teams. This class will teach the basics to begin training for this sport as well as putting together a routine.

The class exercises are designed to build drive, attention, animation, and fun into all moves. It will teach the handler to recognize and focus on the dog’s strengths and how to build on them.

It is also a class that is designed to identify and solve unwanted dog behaviors. Because freestyle is designed to uniquely build competition routines, it is an excellent training tool to overcome dog behaviors such as shyness, barking, fear, and self-control.


Basic Obedience and Etiquette

Saturdays 12:30 – 1:30 pm

A new class is forming now. Contact Deb Sangrey for additional information and to sign-up.

Nov 18Dec 2Dec 9Dec 16Dec 23Jan 6Jan 13 

Canine Good Citizen Class 

Saturdays 2:00 – 3:00 pm

 Nov 18Dec 2Dec 9Dec 16Dec 23Jan 6Jan 13 

For details contact Deb Sangrey.