Updates: Training, Lessons and Face-to-Face Opportunities

Hi Students and Friends!

I hope you are all well. I have some recommendations for you.

How Dogs Learn by Mary Burch PhD and Jon S Bailey PhD . You can listen to it on audible or you can buy it on line.

I bet some of you don’t know about Dogwise. It is a site that has books about dogs—dog training from pet to serious competitors in just about all dog sports. It has streaming videos, regular books and DVDs and CDs.

Do you know about Vimeo? It is a service with videos you can stream. You can buy or RENT! You can rent then if you decide to buy your rental goes towards the full price! Janice Gunn has a lot of cool stuff there. There are probably others as well.

If you are computer illiterate like me, you can just do a search to show you how to stream the video or whatever you don’t know how to do.

I have started doing a few video lessons with phone calls. If you have a minor problem and just need quick advise I am happy to give that to you anytime. If you need more in debt help you can ask a question or send me video and I can either talk you through it in a lesson on the phone or/and send you a video of me doing it. I am charging $1 a minute. This is much less than a lesson in my building which could be a long time off.

As the weather gets warmer and my county (York) moves to yellow I can work with an individual outside. Folks who are social distancing completely- getting nothing but essential groceries and not going to other people’s houses or getting close to anyone except who lives in your house- and they must be staying home too, can contact me about bringing dogs over for play dates in the yard only- not in the building-with Cara or the little ones. My yard is very large so we can stay far away from each other. Gloves and a mask would be needed. I can not have anyone who would pose a threat to my health. I have a few health problems that make me vulnerable.

Make sure you continue to train your dogs. They need to mental stimulation and you need to think about something else for a while.

Please take good care of yourselves! I miss you all very much. My dogs miss you all too!



Hi Everyone!

I know it is hard to stay motivated at this time, but the dogs need to exercise their minds as much as their bodies. This video may be good for you to review or to work halts for the first time.

This would be a great time to teach your halts correctly and not rush.

Stay safe!


Next Steps and Youtube

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well.

This is a tough time for everyone, so I highly recommend working with your dog as stress relief.  YouTube has plenty of great stuff!

  • What is engagement by Petra Ford.
  • From Freaked Out to Fabulous- Mental Preparation for Competitive Dog Sports.
  • If you just need plain old motivation listen to Les Brown- You’ve gotta be hungry!

I was asked on the Facebook group DIY Dog Training to show heel position on a toy dog. It really applies to all dogs. I posted two video’s today on position.

The first one video is posted and shows me heeling with Josie to show proper Toy Dog Position on my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhgzJ1q2_7Q

The second video is on position; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_7hCViacH4

When I get to it, I now have Cara doing articles without the plastic containers! She is also rolling over, giving me her paw, putting her chin in my hand and pushing her head up into my hand.

I hope you all are training those too. If you have questions on anything in the videos or something else just let me know!


POD Casts and Instruction


I hope all my students have been working on the Nose Bridge as demonstrated by Celeste Meade on You Tube. Remember, there are 3 videos on it.

I also sent out a great scent game that you can use for articles or even if you aren’t there yet as a prep for articles – or just a fun game.

Today I would like to suggest two podcasts to listen to. Both are free.

  • Tim Ferris Show #200: Susan Garrett-Master Do (and Human) Trainer. Lots of great tips for anyone training dogs.
  • Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast Season 132, September 20, 2019. Sara Brueske- “Getting started: Marker Cues & Foundation Skills.”  This one is about using words to let your dog know he’s right, but to keep going and to let the dog know he is right and going to get a cookie.
  • Do you know I have several training videos on You Tube on topics like backing up and fronts? Look under Jeannine Rash. There are also videos of me showing my own dogs.

Feel free to send questions to me or videos showing your dog doing the nose bridge or new tricks. I will try to make a quick video on some little tricks I am teaching Cara today.

Miss you all very much! Stay home if you can and stay healthy!


Remote Learning

Since we do not know how long we will not have classes, I would like to help keep everyone going in their training.

At some point I may be doing live lessons on Facebook, so stay tuned!

For right now, I would like all students to work on the dog pushing their hand. I was going to make a video but Celeste Meade teaches it so well on You Tube that I would like everyone just to watch her videos.  Look under Celeste Meade Nose bridge. She has 3 videos on the subject.

I would start from the beginning even if your dog already knows this as you may see where you should be strengthening the behavior.  This is a great behavior to work on in the small areas inside our homes.

Good luck and I will be sending more ideas!


PDTA Closed for Two-Weeks

Because of the current health threat and the strong recommendation to avoid gatherings, PDTA is closed for all classes and private lessons for two-weeks.

Classes will resume NO SOONER than Monday, March 30, 2020.

Check back here and on Facebook for updates as the March 30th date approaches.