Next Steps and Youtube

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well.

This is a tough time for everyone, so I highly recommend working with your dog as stress relief.  YouTube has plenty of great stuff!

  • What is engagement by Petra Ford.
  • From Freaked Out to Fabulous- Mental Preparation for Competitive Dog Sports.
  • If you just need plain old motivation listen to Les Brown- You’ve gotta be hungry!

I was asked on the Facebook group DIY Dog Training to show heel position on a toy dog. It really applies to all dogs. I posted two video’s today on position.

The first one video is posted and shows me heeling with Josie to show proper Toy Dog Position on my YouTube channel.

The second video is on position;

When I get to it, I now have Cara doing articles without the plastic containers! She is also rolling over, giving me her paw, putting her chin in my hand and pushing her head up into my hand.

I hope you all are training those too. If you have questions on anything in the videos or something else just let me know!