POD Casts and Instruction


I hope all my students have been working on the Nose Bridge as demonstrated by Celeste Meade on You Tube. Remember, there are 3 videos on it.

I also sent out a great scent game that you can use for articles or even if you aren’t there yet as a prep for articles – or just a fun game.

Today I would like to suggest two podcasts to listen to. Both are free.

  • Tim Ferris Show #200: Susan Garrett-Master Do (and Human) Trainer. Lots of great tips for anyone training dogs.
  • Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast Season 132, September 20, 2019. Sara Brueske- “Getting started: Marker Cues & Foundation Skills.”  This one is about using words to let your dog know he’s right, but to keep going and to let the dog know he is right and going to get a cookie.
  • Do you know I have several training videos on You Tube on topics like backing up and fronts? Look under Jeannine Rash. There are also videos of me showing my own dogs.

Feel free to send questions to me or videos showing your dog doing the nose bridge or new tricks. I will try to make a quick video on some little tricks I am teaching Cara today.

Miss you all very much! Stay home if you can and stay healthy!