NO Open Ring Night on Wednesday (1/24) & Ring Rental Availability

There will be no open ring night next Wednesday (1/24) and the building is closed at 1 pm.

There are times remaining to rent on Monday late afternoon/evening on Monday (1/22) Tuesday (1/23) until 4:00 pm. If you want to rent, email Rebecca @ proposing a day/time/duration, and how many folks will be with you. Also, do you want one ring or both rings. You will receive a response confirming your request or offering other options.

Rental is $15 per hour/per ring for a single handler. Each additional handler is $5 for that hour. 

UPDATE: Building closed until Monday (1/22) & Monday Day Class

The driveway is still covered with snow and ice. All activities, including the Saturday pet classes are canceled. Do not attempt to access the building.


Monday daytime proofing class is expected to take place on 1/22. Because of the warmer weather over the weekend, it shouldn’t be a problem. Email Rebecca at to share which exercises you would like to incorporate into Monday’s planning.



Wednesday Night Open Floor Night is Canceled (1/17) and Rent-A-Ring

The open floor opportunity tonight is canceled because of the driveway.

PDTA is aware many trainers are entered to trial in the building and want time to practice. The opportunity to rent-a-ring exists.

Email Rebecca at to book your time. The building is currently set-up with a 2-ring configuration. If you contact me to rent and have multiple people, please let me know if you want to book both rings or if you plan to share one-ring. The building will be busy with rentals so please keep to your time and understand there may be other trainers in the building. The door will be unlocked for those signed-up to rent.



Class and Ring Rental Updates

Class and Ring Rental Updates


Tuesday Class (1/16) is canceled because of weather. Next week: Keith is expecting to hold class. Rebecca Elliott will teach Jeannine’s class.


Wednesday Daytime Puppy Class (1/17) is canceled this week because of Jeannine and weather.


Wednesday night open ring (1/17) is undecided at this time because of the anticipated weather event. A determination will be made on Wednesday (and posted on this site) if the driveway is safe.


Thursday Day Class (1/18) Mary Webb will teach.


Ring Rentals: Rebecca Elliott will handle all ring rental requests while Jeannine recuperates. With the upcoming trials, many trainers want ring time. Please organize your time with Rebecca, leave your money in the jar by the doors and stick to your time when folks are waiting. Email Rebecca at If there is an urgent need and/or concern, call at 301-693-2432.



Updates on Classes/Activities – please stay tuned for any/all updates

The building is closed today (Mon, Jan 8) and tomorrow (Tues, Jan 9) because of the ice storm. The driveway is in rough shape. Please do not access the building. All classes/activities are canceled.

Wednesday, Jan 10 – Open Floor Training Night is expected to be a normal schedule. If the driveway is still icy, it will be canceled on this site and on the Papillonia Dog Training Academy FB page.

Thursday, Jan 11 Daytime Class: Mary Webb will run a structured class/practice on Thursday during normal class hours.

Any new information will be shared on this site and the Papillonia Dog Training Academy FB page.

Health Update – Jeannine

Jeannine Rash wants me to share that she has shingles and at this time isn’t up to answering texts or email.
Folks are asking about classes. At this time, Jeannine is not capable of teaching. As soon as she is a bit better, she will make a determination about classes. Shingles isn’t like a cold that has an anticipated timeframe from start to finish. Shingles is highly individual. I will continue to update as new details are available.