PDTA Students – Spring-cleaning and a mini-face lift are in progress.

At your next visit, you will notice major reorganizing of the facility and a deep cleaning which is still underway. The goal is to keep the building neat and it is important that everyone pitch in to keep it tidy. Cleaning/organizing the facility is a huge undertaking and is on-going.


All training items have been moved to the far wall behind the rings – everything is now closer to both rings and it is much easier to see what is available. Please put everything away at the end of training sessions, including classes. Jumps should be left set-up in each ring. Next time you train, check out all the great training aids available to you.


Students are welcome to leave crates in the back corner (space is marked). However all crates now must be identified with your name and contact information. There are several crates that have been in the space for years and appear untouched. Any crates not identified within the next 60 days will be donated to a local shelter. If you are missing a large(r) sized soft-sided crate, it might be at PDTA. All crates stored in the building must be marked. No exceptions.


Jeannine now has her own table to store her items – please do not use her table. It is marked with her name.


Fridge – Please mark your items in the fridge/freezer with your name and a date. A few scary science projects were located – one or two were beginning to develop heartbeats. Yuck! PDTA has 2 upcoming seminars that are going to require fridge and freezer space so please remove any lunches/dinner items that you have forgotten.


Most of us are all guilty of leaving an occasional empty soda, food item and/or training treats around the facility – please help by doing a final check of the area before leaving the building.


Signage – you will notice new signage both inside and outside the building. Speed limit signs are coming too. Please remember to go slow on the full length of the drive way – people, dogs, deer and cats will be in your way from time-to-time.


Book Table – there is now a book table for folks to drop magazines and books they are willing to donate to the PDTA lending library. Please do not leave anything you want back. Students are encouraged to borrow items from this table. There will be no sign out sheet or oversight. The lending library will be run on the honor system.