Misty Update – Misty needs your help in keeping her healthy

Most everyone who has visited Papillonia has met Misty, the cutest 4-legged beggar with the pleading eyes. Jeannine adopted her from a local animal shelter and has given her a wonderful life.

Misty began experiencing a few medical issues and has been diagnosed with moderate Chronic Degenerative Valvular Disease. She will be taking Enalapril and is not to do things with bursts of speed.

She can get her final leg of her CD, but won’t medically be able to proceed with her training although she is mostly trained thru Utility. She may do a little rally here at home.

Papillonia needs your help: MISTY IS NOT ALLOWED SALT in her diet so no more cheese, hot dogs or packaged jerky.

Misty loves to beg and we love to give in and feed her. Feel free to feed her items with NO salt. This is critical for her health.