Small Dog Obedience Seminar; June 18-19, 2016

Papillonia Dog Training Academy (Red Lion, PA) Presents
Jeannine Rash Small Dog Seminar
Saturday, June 18 – Sunday, June 19, 2016
Previous Advertised as Saturday, June 25 – Sunday, June 26, 2016
Multi-OTCH trainer Jeannine Rash, Papillonia Dog Training Academy (PDTA), is presenting small dog training techniques for a unique 2-day opportunity. A similar seminar was offered in June 2015 with rave reviews and many disappointed handlers who didn’t jump on the opportunity.
Jeannine has earned 4 Obedience Trial Championships (OTCH) and is currently working with her hardest dog to date – a sound and sight sensitive Papillion, Chloe Cupcake. She is also showing a rescue Pom, Rose, who is a very high drive dog and training her 2-year old Pap, Josie who is very mischievous. And she is still actively showing Nicholas who has 800+ OTCH points.
Her training techniques are gained from 30+ years of training small dogs and are finely tuned with real life experiences. Jeannine has personally trained a Toy Manchester, Pug, Papillons, Pom and mixes. People have been asking her to help train their dogs since the mid 80’s. She has the ability to not only train top competition dogs, but to share her knowledge with others.
Come learn the secrets of training small dogs, widen your horizons with a new training outlook for productive and fulfilling training.
For this opportunity, small dogs are defined as Sheltie size or smaller. All students for this seminar are considered working, no reduced rate for auditor or non-working students.
Visit for a registration form and other details. The seminar is $300 including lunch.