Class and Ring Rental Updates

Class and Ring Rental Updates


Tuesday Class (1/16) is canceled because of weather. Next week: Keith is expecting to hold class. Rebecca Elliott will teach Jeannine’s class.


Wednesday Daytime Puppy Class (1/17) is canceled this week because of Jeannine and weather.


Wednesday night open ring (1/17) is undecided at this time because of the anticipated weather event. A determination will be made on Wednesday (and posted on this site) if the driveway is safe.


Thursday Day Class (1/18) Mary Webb will teach.


Ring Rentals: Rebecca Elliott will handle all ring rental requests while Jeannine recuperates. With the upcoming trials, many trainers want ring time. Please organize your time with Rebecca, leave your money in the jar by the doors and stick to your time when folks are waiting. Email Rebecca at If there is an urgent need and/or concern, call at 301-693-2432.