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Proofing Class – Every Monday from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Papillonia’s proofing class strategically trains handlers and dogs for better attention and greater confidence, which translates into higher trial scores.

This class is geared for students and dogs actively training/showing at the open, utility and OTCH levels. This class does not instruct students to teach AKC exercises, rather it sets-up realistic trial situations so teams can be better prepared for the ring.

Current students have experienced higher scores, better attention and improved handler/dog team connections.

Dogs must be dog friendly as it is an interactive class and dogs/teams work closely together.

Class is on-going and paid in 8-week installments is $135. Drop-in rate, with permission from Jeannine, is $25.

For additional information and to join/attend this class, contact Jeannine Rash,