New Basic Obedience and Etiquette Class

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Basic Obedience and Etiquette – Saturdays 12:30 – 1:30 pm

Dates for the next session: 3/9/19, 3/16/19, 3/30/19 and 4/13/19

Do you take your dog for a walk, or does he take you? When you call your dog to come, does she come flying to you, or does she toss her head, laugh, and take off in the opposite direction? Maybe your dog greets people at the door with barking or by jumping up on the visitors. These and other problematic behaviors can be changed with the right approach. Basic Obedience and Etiquette is a class taught in a positive way, using treats and verbal praise. All exercises are broken down into small steps so that both owners and their dogs can have success.

This class teaches common behaviors such as sit, down, come, and walking on a loose leash in a way that gives the dog enough information to figure out what is expected, and then he is praised and rewarded when he successfully completes the behavior.

However, this class is also designed to identify and resolve undesirable behaviors such as excessive barking and lack of self-control. Basic Obedience and Etiquette can even help dogs overcome shyness or fear by building their confidence.

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