New Training Opportunity for 2020

Training Opportunity – Sunday, January 19, 2020.

Opportunity allows 15 minutes in an obedience ring. Utility ring will be the 2nd/far ring and Open and Novice will be in the 1st ring.

Sign-ups begin at 8:45 am for both rings. Each ring is $10 per 15 minutes. In order to give everyone a chance, no second runs in the same ring however you may utilize both rings at different times. Time will be strictly enforced.

There will be no “judge”  – if you want a traditional run-thru bring a friend to help you. You have 15 minutes to set-up and train in your ring. Traditional ring equipment supplied; jumps, ring gates, etc. Nothing else is supplied.

Prongs, e-collars, food, play and specialty training equipment allowed.

In the event of bad weather, the event will be canceled; check this site and Papillonia’s FB page.  

UPDATE: Trainers may have separate 15 mins sessions in the same ring WITH DIFFERENT DOGS.